Relocating a data center is not an easy task. Unlike your average business, data centers need to focus on other important considerations, namely, to ensure that customer data is available and accessible during the transition. Meticulous planning and preparation are critical to successful resettlement and it is good to be familiar with the options.

Problem: Our Client wanted to shift his data center from the US to Australia as they have clientele in Australia so they can avoid CDN expense and avoid latency.

• Content such as images and documents are served from a different domain can effect on SEO.
• Zero downtime during the migration process
• Difficulty in performing testing when deploying the data.
• Clients might connect from an environment that does not allow access to some resources. This could be a security-constrained environment that limits access to only a set of known sources, or one that prevents loading of resources from anything other than the page origin.

Solution: Firstly our team found out what is going on in the current data center as every computing environment is composed of relationships: applications and systems that influence the function and behavior of other applications and systems.

Then we decided on the migration method for each application. We ‘lift and shift’ the software, reinstalled the application and migrated the data to the new data center.

Lastly, our team carefully plan and predetermined space for applications in the new network and minimized the latency.

Result: Our team successfully transfers the data-center from the US to Australia in Zero-downtime during the migration process.

No matter which method we use, relocating a data center is a complex process with many moving parts. At NestorOps, our team carefully plans and prepares a paramount for best practices that help in ensuring a successful conclusion. Once the new data center is up and running, the foundation for the expanded company is again on track.

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