Problem: Our client wanted to block unwanted search engine bots and save the site from a crash.

Our Client was providing services in Australia and the development team was in India, so he mainly wants to have access to the site from these 2 places. In addition to that he wanted to start a business in the US and UK but due to unwanted traffic this was choking and crashing the site.


  • Monitor the global distribution of traffic and the response times of CDN.
  • Providing security control and very large amounts of network bandwidth without compromising application availability or performance.

Solution: For solving client problem, our team member used CDN and firewall technologies. Firstly, we perform vulnerability scanning, source coding testing and detected malware. Secondly, eliminated the backdoors and managed/prevented the website and accelerated the load balancing, bandwidth, static and dynamic caching.

On other hands, our team worked on delivery the content globally. We send the content to the edge servers nearest to the user’s location and retrieved the requested content from the origin server and delivered the content to the end user.

Then CDN servers cache those content and saved a copy of those content so that if there will be another request for the same content, that will be delivered from the edge servers itself instead of the origin server.

Thus, delivered the content requested by the user through a distributed network in a faster way and took the load off the origin server.

Result: In result customer’s website was protected from malicious traffic and the performance of the site was boosted by more than 50%. We also enhanced the user experience, increased conversions and protected customer reputation. In addition, CDN helped our customer in having a faster website, Lower Latency, High Traffic Handling, Better ranking and Security for their website.

At Nestorops we keep ourselves updated with the latest technology trends and collaboration to ensure we can provide our customers with the best outcomes.

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