Problem: Our client wanted CI/CD pipeline to obtain operational efficiency and performance in less time. Large and small companies are facing the competitive and other challenges to deliver value and quality to their customers in a timely manner. Many companies are also realizing that cloud technologies are enabling fast value delivery with pay only for utilization benefits. Customers are comfortable with SaaS models if security, privacy and performance are covered. NestorOps Company is the leader with experience in DevOps, CI/CD architecture and tools, test automation strategy and cloud technologies. Challenges: • New application was needed to be built from the ground up. • Implementing effective automated quality gates for the Continuous Integration portion of the CI/CD pipeline • Setting up auto-scaling infrastructure to support heavy traffic. Solution: We phased high-level roadmap for the CI/CD pipeline implementation on what to develop and in what order by reducing uncertainty and risk. To demonstrate improvements in Continuous Integration due to automated quality gates with static analysis, we developed a proof-of-concept (POC) with a Golang micro-service, SonarQube and hooked it to a Jenkins pipeline script. Once the POC was approved, the team implemented it for widespread use. Integrating automated static analysis quality gates early in the development cycle ensures higher quality and self-service and scalability for developers who are building micro-services. All code check-ins will be checked for code smells, improper usage of language structure, bad formatting etc. and the build is “failed” so that it can be fixed before moving further. We used proper test strategy in successful implementation of a streamlined CI/CD pipeline. Our team reviewed the test strategy of the company and provided feedback and guidance on layering the tests to conform to best-practices. In addition, our Nestor Ops team implemented proper test automation suites and tied them to the CI/CD pipeline. Technology: Jenkins Result: Results speak louder than words. From identifying gaps in strategy, tooling and execution to helping accelerate development of key CI/CD capabilities, our team delivered value. At Nestorops we keep ourselves updated with the latest technology trends and collaboration to ensure we can provide our customers with the best output.
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