Speed and traffic play an important role in overall conversion in the ranking of the site. Over the years websites have become richer in content and functionalities and this evolution was necessary to accommodate the demand of modern web where user interactivity has gone to a whole new level. Today, many websites find it challenging to deliver their content at a faster speed with more traffic to the end users located around the world.

Problem: Our client was having a problem during peak hours and wanted to serve content to their website users instantly. He wanted to use CDN (Continuous Delivery Network) to deliver the content from the nearest server and avoid any latency (delay)

• Network and application level protection and preventing harm or loss of service by filtering traffic.
• Providing security control and very large amounts of network bandwidth without compromising application availability or performance.
• To deliver content from the nearest Server to another location.

Solution: For implementing this case, our team followed CDN process to migrate the content. A CDN is defined as the Content Delivery Network and it provides the fastest way to deliver content from one website application to the people based on other geographical location. It is a network of geographically distributed servers which caches the static content near the location of visitors.

Firstly, We send the content to the edge servers nearest to the user’s location and retrieved the requested content from the origin server and delivered the content to the end user.
Then CDN servers cache those content and saved a copy of those content so that if there will be another request for the same content, that will be delivered from the edge servers itself instead of the origin server.
Thus, delivered the content requested by the user through a distributed network in a faster way and took the load off the origin server.

In future also, if there is a request for new content, edge servers will again load that content from the origin server, save a copy and will deliver the content to the end user.

We encouraged our customer to use CDN on their site and made the whole process easier and economical. We manually worked on this case and was successful too. Using CDN helped our customer in having a Faster website, Lower Latency, High Traffic Handling, Better ranking, Security and Enhanced User Experience for their website.

Nestor ops team provided the real-time optimization, resizing, compression with global CDN and helped the customer to improve website performance and lastly, our customer experienced a faster website along with many other benefits.

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